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Why should you consider becoming a Professional Women in Building Council member? 

Top 3 Reasons You Should Join PWB

  1. Membership dues support women in the industry. That means that even if you can't be an active member, your dues will make an impact!

  2. We make a difference! Being a member can be very rewarding personally and professionally, from our volunteer work and fundraisers to the education and powerful relationships.

  3. We have fun! We are proud of our council's good work, but this group is not all work and no play!


The membership team at the HBA can add to this list and help you get registered!

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People sometimes ask if they are the right person to join PWB, and our answer is almost always yes! Our members typically fall into one or more of the following categories.

  • They are a home builder.

  • They work for a home builder — in any capacity (operations, accounting, admin, etc.)

  • They are a skilled trade partner — (framer, trim carpenter, plumber, electrician, etc.)

  • They work for a building supply company.

  • They are real estate, mortgage, or title professionals.

  • They are a remodeler or on a remodeler support staff.

  • They are interior designers, drafters, or architects.

  • They work for any industry-serving company, from marketing to financial planning.

  • They want to learn more about home building & construction careers.

  • They are looking to grow professionally.

  • They want to mentor young professionals.

  • They want to make an impact on our industry.

  • They want to make an impact on our community.

  • They are female, male, and non-binary humans that care about DEI in construction.


We know you have a busy schedule — please don't let our packed activity list scare you. Some of our members attend every event, and some show up every other year. As a member of PWB, you are supporting women in the industry, and we are grateful for your involvement at any level.

The membership team at the HBA can help you with any questions about becoming a member; please click the link below to connect with them!

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